Proprietor Gerry Jonas traveled to Barre, Vermont in 1980 to attend Barre Tech Center.  He was taught all techniques by the Barre craftsmen who began their trade in the early 1800s.  Instruction included processes of labor intensive shape carving to the more modern use of stencil for engraving.  Upon return from Vermont, Gerry worked for a small monument company in his hometown of Cedar Grove, Indiana.
In 1985, Gerry and his wife Tammy decided to start their own monument business.  Jonas Memorial Arts was launched in 1985.  The company was housed in a small rented garage in West Harrison, Indiana.  Various monuments were displayed on the outside grounds.  After building a strong reputation with good customer service, the business was expanded to a new and current location in 1993.  The company's new facilities include a large indoor showroom and production area.  All facets of producing a quality monument are housed here.  Sales, engraving, and installation are all part of Jonas Memorial Arts standard service to their customers.